Sunday, June 2, 2013

Guide to Yumminess!

Hi lovelies! I'm so happy to be back to blogging!

Do you notice anything different??! The ol' blog got a little makeover and I couldn't be happier!
Chelsea @ Bella Lulu Ink was so sweet & amazing to work with!
What do you think? I wanted something fresh and to feel like I have a CLEAN slate! Maybe it's my new last name, or that I'm finally able to commit time to blogging again--either way, I'm happy to be back and with new digs!
And now, for today's post: I'm sharing a few of our favorite recipes with you!
We like to try new recipes in the kitchen and when we find a really good new recipe we tend to repeat it frequently for at least a few weeks. These are the goodies we've been making lately...

I never tried brussel sprouts before this recipe. I just wasn't sure about the green color or the fact that it had a weird texture (I'm one of those people..). Let me tell you--after trying this recipe, I was ready to eat brussel sprouts ANY way you cook them.

This was the perfect flavor to add to grilled corn on the cob! It made our usual corn seem boring!

This will blow your mind! It's so so so good while it's still warm, and pretty darn good when it's cold. Just think of it as a modern spin on your grandma's potato salad!

Green Smoothies
This is a food that I can't live without. We got the recipe from Ryan's sister after having one at her house during a visit. We haven't turned back since the first one! Let me tell you--these bad boys can help you trim down a little and they make you feel better! I didn't drink a single one for 1.5 weeks (between the wedding+honeymoon) and I could tell! I missed my greens and after having a few when we got home I felt better!

Here's what we put in ours (for 1-2 people (a full glass each)) just blend and drink:

Last, but certainly not least, this delicious treat!: blackberry peach bourbon pie!
This pie hit the spot for sweet and gooey, and helped me when I missed my old KY home a little (hello Woodford Reserve)! :)
What are some of your favorite recipes? How often do you try new ones?

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