Monday, February 11, 2013

5 Thangs

I've finally accepted that I'm never going to NOT be busy. At least not anytime soon. I mean, when I left work yesterday my phone still had more than 70%. Y'all. That never happens. Like, ever. I usually have to charge my phone as soon as I get home. New job is keepin' this girl busy (on top of everything else!). 
So, I've decided to just embrace it and blog when I can. Or, when I feel like it. I hate feeling pressured into something and that makes me want to do it even less. My goal is to NOT feel like that :)

That brings me to today's post. Something easy and fun!
I saw this post idea on Melanie's blog and decided to play along.
5 Thaaaangs...(say that with a country accent, it makes more sense that way!)

...that you'll find in my bag.
1. my planner
2. 3 different change purses
4. gum (light blue orbit to be exact)
4. my keys (always at the VERY bottom)
5. an itty bitty Babble Bar jewlery bag full of extra earrings

...that you'll find in my bedroom.
1. lots of water glasses
2. electronics//phones+kindle
3. lots of laundry--sometimes it's clean :)
4. pictures frames
5. no tv! go us!

...that I've always wanted to do.
1. find+marry my perfect someone :)
2.have healthy babies and a happy family
3. graduate from Louisville 
(I have a degree, but not from my fav school!)
4. win the lottery. duh.
5. take a ride in a hot air balloon

...that I'm currently loving.
1. planning fun wedding events!
2. Shopping for new clothes for spring/wedding/honeymoon
3. reading newlywed blogs
4. the show Shameless--my new fav.
5. the ladies in the lingerie department at Norstrom
I was sized for a bra to wear under my wedding dress (busier to be exact) and when the lady sized me she told me I was in the wrong size and that I'm actually a size bigger. 
Holla!! haha It's the little things!

...quirks I have.
1. I laugh at myself a LOT
2. My mind likes to wander and therefore what I say is really random a lot of the time
3. If I get really tired my legs are the first to feel it
4. I almost refuse to pay full price for anything (it bugs some people!)
5. I pretty much can't delete photos. no matter how many places they are posted online.
I have to have my own copy!
Happy Tuesday!

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Melissa said...

Oh, gosh! I remember how stressed I was this time last year planning my wedding! Hang in there with being so busy! It'll all be worth it!