Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Letters {picture-less post}

Dear Week, You have been long & tiresome, but also fun & rewarding.
Dear Weekend, I am so excited to see you! 
Dear Jess, I'm so pumped to celebrate your birthday with you this weekend in Louisville. I can't wait to see everyone and put our party pants on!
Dear Ryan, I will miss you a ridiculous amount this weekend (it's ridiculous because I'll only be away from him for a little over 24 hours). 
Dear Bridal Shower, Stop being so weird. I'd like to have the venue picked/planning soon. Ain't nobody got time for your switcheroo!
Dear New Job, I really like you. xoxo
Dear Sunshine, Thank you SO much for deciding to come out today. #DayChanger
Dear New Home, I've really enjoyed you the last few weeks. And I'm so excited to continue working on you with Ryan!
Dear Wedding Month, Whoa girl. You're right around the corner. See ya soon!
Dear Life, Thanks for being so wonderful!
Dear Self, Smile more and worry less. It'll be worth it, I promise.
Happy weekend!

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