Friday, July 27, 2012

Maxi Dress to Maxi Skirt

Hello Hue
Last fall Lindsay wrote this awesome post about using dresses as skirts or shirts. Well, I've been dying to use her tips and pointers to create my own multi-use outfit.

This past weekend I finally took the plunge and wore one of my maxi dresses as a skirt! I never thought I'd get as many compliments on it, but I sure did. AND, I loved wearing it that way.

The original dress:

Mexico :)
The same dress, worn as a Maxi skirt:

That's me in the middle! And Jess, my MOH, to my left. She's wearing an actual maxi skirt :)
And yes, we're usually outfit twins. On accident!
I liked it so much I did it again yesterday too!

The original dress:

On vacation in San Antonio, with the future SIL
The same dress, worn as a Maxi skirt:

Do you like the color combo?
I'm still deciding...
Why did I do that? Because I have a hard time finding maxi dresses and skirts that are the right length. Most are too short, and some too long. With this method  I was able to pick the length, as well as exactly where it sat on my hips. I can also switch them up with different shirts and wear them several ways--I even have a few belts to pair up with them if I want. I haven't bought many in the past, but I might be inclined to buy a few more this fall since I love wearing them this way! Oh, and in case you didn't know, maxi skirts are the most comfortable thing ever!
Do you ever do this? 
One of my friends said that this is pretty much the regular thing to do with maxi dresses. Who knew! 

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Lauren said...

I've worn my maxi dress as a skirt before. You are not alone!!! LOL:)