Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Ok Thursday--TV time

It's that time again--time to celebrate the Almost Weekend!
[insert happy dance here]
To keep it light and simple today, I'm linking up with Neely's weekly It's Ok Thursday linkup [see more here]
It's OK.....

To eat my weight in pretzels. Better than cookies, right?

To feel like skipping lunch all together, just because it's raining outside.

To feel sooo accomplished just because I reorganized my Pinterest wedding board(s).

To be twenty different kinds of excited because I think we are legit ready to pick our wedding photographer. Eeekkk!

To be ok with not tweeting on the regular over the last few days. Just too much going on.

To be overly excited about the beginning of Big Brother 12!

To not feel the need to start a crazy exercise program for the big day [despite what every wedding checklist says!].

To want to do a post about our favorite shows. I just need to know that everyone knows how awesome shows like Suits and White Collar are!
To be completely, overwhelmingly obsessed with Matt Bomer. Who isn't?
What are you saying "It's Ok" about this week?
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Katie said...

organizing your wedding boards is definitely productive!

Sarah Darr said...

BIG BROTHER TONIGHT!!! So excited! Ill have my recap on tomorrow at some point!

Anonymous A said...

I think you might be the first bride I've ever met (eh kinda) who doesn't care about a crazy diet or work out before the wedding. Good for you!


Anonymous said...

i'm a new follower can't wait to read more!