Saturday, July 14, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

I'm taking Jenni's lead from her blog Story of My Life and I'm sharing a few things that you may not know about me. Here's my version of
If You Really Knew Me....

You'd know that I hate being in a bathroom right after someone else takes a shower. I can't deal with a damp room.

You'd know that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I strive to make everything perfect. This sometimes stresses me out, or even scares me from really starting something. A terrible habit!

You'd know that I love having my favorite people around me. I've always been happier with all of my friends close. Unfortunately, most of my friends live in a different city.

You'd know that I make lists. Lots of them.

You'd know that I don't plan on having children for, oh I don't know, 7 more years.

You'd know that I am an optimist on the outside, but about 50% pessimist on the inside.

You'd know that I am very outgoing.

You'd know that I love to people watch.

You'd know that I drive like a NASCAR driver.

You'd know that I have 3 half siblings, 2 step siblings, and 1 almost half sister. And you would know that I either didn't know about them, or they didn't come along until this past year.

You'd know that I am hard on myself for being unladylike sometimes. I just can't help it. I grew up with boys ;)

You'd know that I don't like drama and will avoid someone that brings drama into my life at all costs.

You'd know that I am the Queen of being silly, being loud, and of laughing.

You'd also know that those things keep me sane.


Amanda said...

You and I are so similar it's crazy. I HATE drama so much and avoid at all costs. I have some very unladylike habits (burping being one of them), and I always keep the fan in the bathroom on for at least 20 minutes after someone showers because I don't like the moisture in the air either.

Nicholl Vincent said...

hate damp bathrooms too!!

love your blog!

come say hi at


Lauren said...

I think we are twins ha! I could have written this myself (minus the having kids in 7 years thing...I've already got 'em!).

I stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did...I'm in TN, too!

Would love for you to check out my blog!

Ariel Tyler said...

OMG. I will NOT use a bathroom right after someone showers either. It just feels so gross!

Nadine said...

I love this post! Thanks for leaving your link on my blog. And I'm totally with you on the going into the bathroom after the shower. Yucky!