Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shiney and New!

Notice anything new around here?!

I'm so so so excited for all of you to see the brand new, shiny, beautiful new version of The Sweet Ashley Life!
Thanks to the amazing Chelsea at Yours Truly, I now have a blog design that reflects ME--my style, my favorite colors, and a new layout that is so fresh and new. I feel like I'm starting out brand new! It's definitely a help with motivation to blog on the regular ;) Keep reading to meet Chelsea and read more about her blog and her design offerings!
Yours Truly 150x150 button
 Hi The Sweet Ashley Life readers! My name is Chelsea and I am a blogger/designer at Yours Truly. My favorite things are my boyfriend, friends & family, edamame, kitties {crazy cat lady alert!}, graphic design and kayaking! You may have noticed that Ashley had a little spruce-up done of her blog...I had SO much fun doing it! She was amazing to work with. If you need a new blog design or just bits and pieces, for a limited time I have a little *special* going on, so shoot me an email at and we can definitely sort something out! I look forward to hearing from you!
Seriously, I can't say enough about Chelsea--she was so great to work with from start to finish. She let me show her many little things that inspired me including color schemes, fonts, photos, etc. She then turned all of that into a great design that reflects me and my blog! She even put up with a little cray cray along the way.....she feels like a friend now. I hope y'all can find something to spruce up around your blog so you can work with her too!


Kristine @ TFF {unedited} said...

Found you thru Chelsea! LOVE your blog design and looking forward to following your cuteness!

Chelsea said...

yay thanks so much girl, loved working with you :)

Ashlee :) said...

So cute! Love your new design :) I think it fits you!

Daisy said...

Great new design! Your blog looks so fabulous.

The Management said...

Yes- your layout and design is really awesome- love it!

Just found your blog, looking forward to reading more :)