Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

After a few rainy days, we've finally be blessed with a pretty day here in Nashville. It may just be me, but this week just seems so slow and.....unwanted. I just want to be home, cuddled up with the boy, and reading a new book. Or sitting on a patio, soaking up the sun with our pup.

I found a few cute things this week that made me smile, so I though I'd share with you!
I mixed in a few other things that already made me smile, even before this week (can you guess which ones?).
Dreaming of our future vacation home!

My favorite!
My favorite relaxed hairstyle...
This wedding! ---->
What has been putting a smile on your face lately?


Morgan Stone said...

DTBBF - awesome. This could've been the motto of my childhood!

Elle Sees said...

DTBBF! best thing EVERRRRRRRRRRRR. i'm gonna make one tonight. I'm frakkin' serious. and i just don't throw around words like frakkin.

Amanda said...

I heart Jackie O.! SOOO MUCH! That's why you and I are so the same :) And your pup is so cute, and can I come visit in the future home of yours? K thanks!

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...'re always woooonderfull!!!
So incredible adoreable!

The Sweet Life said...

Love that messy top knot. The things that made me smile muffin and zumba!