Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday [Real Talk]

I don't know if I've ever completely laid this out there for my readers, but I am a recent college grad who has student loans, a decent job, a 20-something [budgeted] lifestyle, and a dream of a wonderful future! In case you don't know what this means....it means that I have to maintain a very tight ship when it comes to spending, and that I need to keep in mind my goals for the future. I have to remember that I want to own my own house someday (in the near future, please!), but I also want to go out and live it up while I still can! I also want to dress to the nines and feel my best.
Pretty clothes? Yes, PLEEEEASE!
Over my whole life the last few years I've learned, that if I try hard enough, I can be fashionable. I can feel great about myself. I can stay up to date on trends (or anything that I really want to do). And most importantly, I can stay on top of my budget!
What's my secret? I have no secrets. It's hard. Every week, day in and day out, I want to buy a new outfit. I'm convinced that, that part of me will never change. I take every opportunity to 'window shop' online. I like to create outfits, create wish lists, and find great deals. Taking my time to find the perfect item at the perfect price has taught me a TON! I have more patience, more understanding of what it takes to get what you want, and the value of a dollar. I now face most parts of my life the same way I face a shopping trip. I'm focused, I know what I want, and I know how to do research! HA! I sound like a nerd, right?
Well, I'm here to tell you that it all pays off. Today, after lots of focused savings, and allocating my money to the right places, I was able to start something I've wanted to for a while. In the spirit of Thrift Tuesday, I'm here to share with you the result of my Thriftiness.....
Yes, that's right! I opened a legit savings account today. Not one that I'm going to throw a few pennies in every now and again. A REAL life account that I'm going to focus on building. If you've ever listened to Dave Ramsey, you know about the 7 baby steps. Well, step 1 is all about your  emergency fund. I've accomplished that and a little more (part of step 2!). I'm about to pay off my first individual loan completely! Hello celebration!
How do you deal with your money? Do you have a budget? How do you stick to it??


Ashley said...

I used to be TERRIBLE with money! Oh my goodness. I managed to rack up school and credit card debt, but I'm getting close to having it paid off - while putting money in savings and paying my bills on time.

I don't budget, I've talked about it many times but never follow through. My bf is amazing with money and budgeting, so I think he's going to start crackin' the whip on that soon :-)

Miss Chelsea said...

I don't have a budget... but I always always know what is in my savings/checking accounts, what bills are due soon, etc. So I guess I sort of have a mental budget? Haha!

Amanda said...

Congrats on opening a savings account! I'm HUGE into thrifting. I'm kind of a designer snob, but fortunately there are a lot of consignment stores around here that carry brands I LOVE for real cheap. Like real cheap. I've also learned that if I don't wear it, I need to give it away. And that I only should buy things that I want to use to expand my wardrobe...