Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ain't No Thang, But a Chicken Wing

Wow, what a weekend! It seems like we were busy every second of it. 
 I'll admit that I was somewhat of a bad blogger this weekend. I didn't take a ton of pictures, but I did have a really great time not having my phone out every 5 seconds. It was especially nice on Friday night : ) Ryan and I went out to a small local restaurant close to our place that turned out to be amazing! The food, atmosphere, and service were above and beyond what we expected. The restaurant is located at the end of an unassuming shopping center (which is why our expectations weren't high). The reviews were great, so we gave it a shot. Now we can't wait to go back and take our friends!
While I did give my phone a little break, I didn't completely forget to take pictures. 
Here's a recap of the rest of our weekend, [instagram] style!
 I started the weekend a little early with some lunch-break shopping.
I couldn't decide which I like more, the dress or the skirt, so I got neither. What do you think? Either would be great to pair with a pop of color (shirt with the skirt or sweater with the dress), but I can't make up my mind. Help!
I got a trim (FACT: I always have terrible luck with simple haircuts/trims. This one was an exception!), and decided to try some new products. I LOVE the 24 Hour Body Mousse--it makes my hair feel and smell so good (and it works too).
I know that this makes me a bad blogger, but this is the only picture that I got of us from the wedding. It makes me sad, especially because we were both dressed up and it would have been a good picture. But either way, this is what I've got! We had a great time seeing the beautiful couple and the wedding was amazing! Very sweet and you could just feel the love between the two of them.
After the wedding reception we went out to celebrate one of our other friends' birthday. Well, on the way we saw this truck with an ad on the tailgate that was for irrigation. He listed his phone number and his beeper number. Yes, the picture is bad and super dark, but it's proof. Someone out there is still carrying around a beeper! Ha I got the biggest kick out of that!

We've been silly busy today with a ton of stuff to catch up on around our place, including a shopping trip to grab a few things for around the house. Does anyone else feel like you're constantly buying stuff for around your house?  A lamp here, some pillows here, a rug there? Don't get me wrong, I love it. But it hit me today that we do it all of the time, and I'll admit that I felt a little overwhelmed (and like it's never quite over). I must just be in a mood today, because I usually love that type of shopping trip! Hmm. Maybe I'm getting sick? Haha

Speaking of being sick, I ate my weight in Ruffles and french onion dip today. It was so tasty, and a perfect snack while watching the first part of the game. Ryan also made some super delicious wings for the game. He's SO good at throwing things together in the kitchen. He doesn't even try most of the time, but it always turns out so well!

Are you watching the super bowl? We're not huge fans of either team, but we're still entertained by the game and the commercials.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Amanda said...

Get the dress for sure! And I'm not a big onion dip girl, but I could have eaten a whole bag of ruffle chips! And you two look so cute in that picture. You should be getting a letter sometime this week :)

Holly said...

I definitely like the dress the most!
Also, what the heck is a beeper...!? LOL!

Just dropping by from #FF. :)

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Alright, you guys talked me into it--I think I'm going to buy the dress this weekend. Woo hoo!