Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Monday, is that you? Already? Am I the only one that thought this past weekend just flew by?! I feel like the weekend officially started on Thursday night when we met up with some of our friends at another friend's house. We ate, drank, and were merry, and played funny games until we laughed so hard we cried!
Naturally, a fun night involves some of this yummy stuff!
I wasn't sure I would make it a full day in the office on Friday (it had been a loooong week). Thankfully the rest of the sales team felt the same, so we enjoyed a small group lunch at our favorite local spot-right across the street! We had a good time and it helped us ease into the weekend!
Ryan took over the kitchen on Friday and made a yummy dinner. He continued to spoil me by agreeing to go on a little browsing/shopping trip to Target, Best Buy, and World Market. It was fun to catch up on all of the fun new clothing at Target (while Ryan was in Best Buy...I hadn't browsed unsupervised in a while Hah!). I picked up a cute pair of black flats (these) while I was there. They are pretty comfy and are a nice step up from my normal flats (they also have cute nude and sassy animal print ones too).
New shoes, new jeans, and new sweater. Feeling good today :)
I never realized how many spices World Market had until this weekend!
On Saturday I had a few hours to myself, so naturally I went thrifting! I found some great items on the cheap (will share later this week!).
While I was shopping I found this vintage Lilly shirt. I had no idea that the
brand had been around that long! Read about it here. No, I didn't buy it..
After getting together at our friend's house on Thursday, I realized
that I was in need of a set of large wine glasses. For obvious reasons!
On Saturday night we meet up with a bunch of friends at Dave & Buster's. Have you ever been? I hadn't until Saturday. It's awesome! The local one recently opened so it definitely looks great and was really fun! We had drinks, dinner, played games and even bowled while we were there. It's a really great place to get a bunch of friends together for a fun evening.
Saturday night, before going out. One of my thrifted shirts!
Watching the UofL game at the bar. We won!
Ryan playing Skee-ball.
One more drink before heading home. It was a long night!
On Sunday the boy and I slept waaaay in and caught up on housework and the dreaded laundry. We had dinner with his parents and then ended the day with a few episodes of Breaking Bad. That show is soooo good!

What did you do this weekend? Did you try any new restaurants or go anywhere new?


Jessica said...

Ahhh I used to love skee-ball! I totally forgot about that game! Fun weekend :)


natasha {schue love} said...

OH your weekend sounded SUPER fun! Love shopping at Target...always leave with more clothes than home goods! :)

Eliza said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! I hope this week at work is a little easier for you than last :) What is it that you do? I'll have to look up Breaking Bad, I've never heard of it! xoxo, eliza