Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Friday, is that you?

I feel like it should be Friday. Is anyone with me? (I've felt like that since Monday....)

To help me make it through the rest of the week, Ryan and I are having friends over tonight. Last week we all got together on a Thursday, so it felt like we started the weekend a little early. But this week, well, I just can't wait until Thursday night! I need to enjoy a few drinks, laugh a little, and unwind with our friends. Since we're hosting at our place, we decided to make a few snacks for everyone to enjoy. Nothing special, but crowd pleasers nonetheless :)
Chicken Tenders. Photo via.
Chips, salsa, and queso! Photo via.
Pigs and a blanket. Photo via.
I'll also be introducing our friends to this game and I can't wait...they're going to love it!

What are you doing tonight? The usual? Or are you changing it up a bit?

P.s. We're open to buying some new board games. Any suggestions? What are your favorites?


Sophie said...

ohh man! i want it to be friday too! sounds like you guys are going to have an awesome night. im jealous x

Susan said...

The game of things is such a fun game! I've only played it three times but I've died every time! Have fun!

Amanda said...

I am SO happy that it's Thursday, but I'm also so eager for it to be Friday. Like counting down the hours until M will be here. And the weekend will be here. I don't know why I've wanted the weekend so badly this week, but I have lol. Also, I'm craving pigs in a blanket now.

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love game nights wtiit friends and of course food. i love a great queso, pigs in a blanket, yum! hope you had a wonderful night with your friends last night

Heather said...

Almost Friday! All that food looks so good! I love game nights with friends. Fun!

MK said...

That looks like it would be an awesome spread! A great group game is Apples to Apples.