Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photo Deal!

I just wanted to share an awesome deal I ran across today in my inbox. I take a TON of pictures each year and then at the end of the year I make a photo album that is dedicated to the year that just passed. Well, with all of the holidays, birthdays, vacations, fun weekend, and everyday in between the pictures tend to add up! Up until last year I would get them all printed at once.....and that would turn into a huge ordeal! Last year I started doing them in batches throughout the year and I've continued to do it that way since. I found that my favorite place to get photos printed is Snapfish. I usually opt to have them mailed to my house (I usually forget about ordering them and then it's an awesome surprise!), but you can also have them printed at your local Wal-Greens for a quicker option. They have a ton of services (think cards, photo books, calendars) and good customer service.

You're still reading? I'm long winded today! Long story short, I got an email today for a great deal on getting photos printed or photo books made (perfect time to grab a few as Christmas presents!). Check it out...
Happy Wednesday! Enjoy!

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