Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday ~ Fall Boots

Another Thrifty Tuesday here!
While out on our window shopping spree this past weekend, I tried on a pair of outrageously expensive and equally beautiful boots at Bink's Outfitters
[Enter butterflies in the stomach here]
I feel in love. 
 These boots were so comfy and fit so well 
(I fit into a 9.5 instead of a 10, which MADE my day). 
Leather Ugg Channing Boot in Chocolate
Found Here for $295

They also had these, which were very similar, but not quite as fitted through the calf. They were very pretty, but not quite as perfect as the others :)
Leather Ugg Amberlee Boot in Espresso
Found here for $295

Okay, okay--enough about the expensive, gorgeous boots. Onto my thrifty finds of the week!
Merona Manette Double Buckle Tall Boots in Brown
Found here for $39.99

Merona Magaska Comfort Riding Boot in Brown
Found here for $39.99
Women's Zippy Riding Boots in Brown
Found here for $39.99
Mossimo Supply Kachiri Leather Americana Boots in Taupe
Found here for $49.99
Mossimo Supply Kayanna Riding Boots in Brown
Found here for $32.00 (sale!)
Buckle Fold-Over Heel Boot in Brown
Found here for $50.00

I found these cuties the other day and I was surprised by how much I like them...naturally I found a comparable identical pair on the Target website!
Very Volatile Twain Boot in Black
Found here on the Piperlime website for $59.50
MkLuk Kloe Wedge in Black
Found here on the Target website for $29.99
Great deals, right??
Here's to happy shopping and finding some great deals!

P.s. Get prepared for an itty bitty rant. Does anyone else get frustrated when they look at websites and they see a "Girl on a Budget" section and all of the pieces listed are priced well over $100? I mean, yes, I love to browse the expensive sites and even buy a really nice piece every now and then but over $100 for each item?? Consider me confused. Hopefully I'm not the only one out there trying to shop like a normal person, with a normal budget! Anyway, this is my main inspiration behind my Thrifty Tuesday posts...affordable items for real people! :)


Anonymous said...

My eyes lit up when I saw the buckle fold-over boots! Oh my goodness I need those in my life, ASAP!

Ashley said...

Aren't they cute?? I wish I could have everything I blogged about!