Thursday, October 13, 2011

Burger Up & Las Paletas

As you saw yesterday, I had plans to head to Burger Up and Las Paletas! I was treated to a late birthday lunch yesterday and oh man, I felt like it really was my birthday all over again!

The interior of the restaurant was more than expected for a burger joint and it is the perfect size. It had an industrial and modern style-the tables were wooden and metal, the bar had beautiful industrial style glass pendants, and bar had a rustic feeling with exposed wood.
No, these aren't my kids :)
The great table/seats.
The bar area.
You can view the menu here. They had a few special burgers available Wednesday, the Cherry BBQ (and another which I don't remember), which the two people I was with enjoyed. We shared the onion rings as an appetizer and I decided on the Woodstock burger (Benton bacon, maple ketchup and white cheddar cheese-mmmm!). We all got different types of fries, so I was able to try the house fries, sweet potato fires and the truffle fries. I really wanted to try the truffle fries, because of all I heard about them, but I will say that the sweet potato fries were the best of the three. 
Everything was beyond delicious though!
I couldn't find a picture of just the onion rings, but you
can see them here. They stacked them up and they came with
delicious dipping sauce!
This is very close to what my meal looked like.
The napkins were more like small towels--a great idea!

Up next, we went to Las Paletas for dessert :) I have seen and heard about their treats quite a bit so I was very excited to try it out. I tried the Banana Cream and my coworker tried the Mexican Caramel (a best seller). We both had nothing but good things to say about our choices! The flavor was outstanding and very real tasting-I knew there were fresh ingredients in the popsicle. 

The cute storefront, right next door to Burger Up
The delicious popsicles in the cooler!

  If you're in the Nashville area, I would definitely suggest this burger and dessert combo. I can't wait to get a chance to take Ryan there!

All photos via Google Images

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