Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekly Roundup

The last time I posted I mentioned not having enough to post about--I sure jinxed myself! I have since started my new job, visited with some of Ryan's family, spent lots of time window shopping, enjoying the weather, crafting and even building furniture (more on that later)!

{Saturday morning on the square}
Ryan's brother and sister in law came to town to see our new
place and to experience a little bit of MBoro.

{My Old KY Home}
We went into some of the cute little shops on
the square to see antiques and try on clothes.
{You gotta love oldies}

{Homemade jam}
Farmer's Market

{Lavender Lemonade}

 After spending some time in Murfreesboro for the weekend, we headed over the Mr. E's parent's house for the rest of the weekend. We spent time going to Franklin, setting off fireworks, decorating pottery, cooking out and enjoying each others company!

We went to Franklin to celebrate the 4th on the square.
This store had some of the cutest glasses, books and girlie decor.

{I love this lamp and wouldn't mind having the book  too!}
{See what I mean about the glasses?}

{Adorable cake stand}
{Franklin on the Fourth}

{Breakfast for the boys}

{A trip to Restoration Hardware to drool over..well...everything!}
{Nothing like some friendly competition while everyone's together!}

{Look who drove us home!}

{Driving sure wears this boy out!}

{Nothing better!}
I have also found some time to try my hand at making some cards in hopes of doing an Etsy storefront with cards, wood crafts and other arty "stuff".

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