Friday, July 22, 2011

Chevron Craze

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over a trend? Of course you do!

I find myself obsessing over the ever popular Chevron design. I can't get enough of it and wish I had it any and everywhere! Be prepared...I'm about to overload you with Chevron amazing-ness :)

{Chevron Curtains via Castle Creek Designs}
{Personalized Chevron Stationary via RowHouse14}

{Chevron Moving Announcement via Nellie Designs}

{Monogrammed Chevron Pillow via Mary John White}

{Chevron Picture Frame via C & Co.}

{Monogrammed iPhone Case via Plum Street Prints}

{Lovely Chevron Walls via My Paradissi Blog}

{Chevron Dress via Pinterest}
Yes, this is a baby blanket, but I would absolutely cuddle with it!
{Chevron Baby Blanket via Christina Wells

{Chevron Coffee Mug via Jonathan Adler}

{Chevron Coffee Mugs via Jill Rosenwald}

{Chevron Totes via Beklina}
I just about always have a Chevron image as my iPhone lock screen. I switch it up between the three below. It's always nice to have a little flash of color and design where ever I go.

There you have obsession!

Hopefully you're having a great Friday so far :) I can't wait to end the work week so that I can get home and catch up on my DVR shows with Ryan. This weekend should be fun since we plan on visiting with friends (at an engagement party!), relaxing by the pool and hopefully trying out a new recipe or two.


Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

I've been chevron obsessed too! It's so fun! And we have matching blog backgrounds :)


[Ashley] said...

Don't you love the colors? Thanks for stopping by :)