Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well Hello There!

Well, it's been a while since my last post (sorry!).  With a few weeks of the slow and simple life, I didn't have much to blog about. The easiest way to review what we've been up to is to show you all of my iPhone photos and a few others. Who doesn't love pictures? :)

Over the last few weeks we've joined some of our Nashville friends for a few activities around Nashville. We went out to 5 points in East Nashville, caught a Nashville sounds game and got together at a friend's cabin for some back woods fun! We had a great time seeing everyone!

Hanging out in East Nashville

Everyone hanging out at the Nashville Sounds game!

Having a good time at the Sounds game!

All the girls having a good time at the Cabin!

Last week I also found out that I got a position that I had completed a few interviews for! Talk about excitement! I am now an Inside Sales Assistant for a Nashville company!

Speaking of working in Nashville, while I was driving there a few weeks ago I saw this guy, hanging out of his window. I got a good laugh out of it!

Ryan has been wanting to buy a hammock for a long time but the style he likes is pretty pricey. We looked at them several times in hopes of finding something on sale, but never with any luck. Well, I was at Kmart (of all places, right?) and a funny like pack caught my eye. It was a hammock! And the exact kind that Ryan was looking for. Although it wasn't the brand he was looking for, it was the same style and waaaay cheaper (like, $30 difference!). So, we bought it. He tried it out after buying it and it seemed to hold up well...we'll see how it goes after he uses it camping the first time!

Isn't he cute? :)
The next set of pictures is really just stuff that I've been loving lately. I drink wine and fruity beers pretty regularly and as a result I try new types of both of those as often as possible. I really (really really really) love a new type of wine, Moscato. I'm sure the rest of the world has been enjoying it forever, but it's new to me.

I tried a new beer, ACE Apple Hard Cider. So yummy!
Can't forget the delicious-ness that is Breyers!

I love yogurt, but Greek yogurt is way healthier than regular. I've tried a few types
(some are gross and WAY lumpy), but this is very good and
smooth-similar to regular yogurt. Try it!
Some things we've been doing lately: playing darts (Ryan kills me!), making lots of yummy baked goods, going to the pool, and getting both sets of our keys out of my car (yes, you read that right, we're special like that). We've also been shopping for table legs and some pretty wood/stain to complete a table project we're working on. I can't wait to get it finished and moved onto finding chairs for it!

It was so close!

My first time making homemade icing! Thanks to Ryan's mom!

Pool time. Doesn't Ryan look like a cop? :) :)

Beautiful day!

The locksmith!

Cut these down a little and they'd be close to perfect!
A table that I'm using for inspiration over at
I will use similar legs but add a great, deep stain on the top!
As excited as I am about going back to work full time, I will definitely miss seeing Ryan at lunch time everyday and being home when he gets here. Hopefully we can get our schedules synced up pretty quickly once I start. Speaking of him, he's been spoiling me lately. Well, more than usual!

The perfect breakfast-extra crispy bacon and hashbrowns!

Ryan surprised me with flowers and candy this week. So sweet!
To wrap this up, I leave you with a picture of my dead dog. Haha I kid, it's just Tiger playing dead. Which is does after he scratches his back all over the carpet. Silly boy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Roundup

Happy Friday! Here's a random roundup!

Now that summertime is in full swing we spend a lot of time trying to find ways to cool down and have fun! Lately, Ryan and I have found happiness in yummy, cool, delicious treats.

Yummy watermelon balls!

For $6.99 I can refill this cup all summer long-what a deal!
Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter & cream
cheese icing for my southern gentleman!
And you can't forget about trusty apples & cheese!

I have been taking lots of pictures lately and I actually found a local-ish photography group to join! I am very excited to meet other photographers of different experience levels as well as have opportunities to take photos together as a group!

I really like this strap (from here, but it's from Hong Kong)
Or maybe this one! (From here, which is a little closer)

Speaking of taking pictures and the straps's terribly hard to find a camera bag that is functional, cute and affordable! I have had my eye out for a while for a bag that could fit 1+ cameras (I have a great Canon as well as a great point and shoot). I don't know how long it will take, but I hope to find something good soon!

As another attempt to do things that are fun and money saving, I decided to get a local library card in order to read books without having to buy them! I keep up with new releases and this library actually had a few I've been wanting to read!

How cute is the area around the library?
Perfect for reading :)

Speaking of books, I found this interesting book at Lowes the other day and immediately thought of my friend April. She can't wait to have Chickens of her own!

I was out running errands the other day and decided to stop in TJMaxx and Target for just a peek and found a few cute things!
I would love to have this pretty cake stand for future cakes!
This little lady was on sale and would look perfect
on my patio. Too bad I don't have a green thumb :0)
How funny is it that there were three guys just
hanging out in TJ Maxx? I giggled a little :)

I have my eye on this and might be getting one soon.
 I think Tiger enjoys the heat just about as much as I do, so when we go out it's usually pretty quickly. But, when we do go for long walks, he gets his fill of sniffing every single possible thing (unless it's big, then he just gets scared!).
The other day Ryan and I headed out to the driving rang to, well, drive! Haha He will be playing golf with some work buddies soon, so we wanted to practice. I hit way more goofy balls than normal balls, so I didn't hit around for long. Ryan had a good time and got his practice in, so mission accomplished! 

Pretty sunset at the driving range!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Weekend Recap

Wow, this week has gone by so quickly! I know it's Friday, but I'm going to do a weekend recap of last weekend :) What a great time we had this past weekend! We saw a concert, had visitors, and even played a little putt putt!

Friday - We decided to check out the first concert of the Murfreesboro Friday Night Live downtown summer series. The band was great and they played a wide variety of oldies. There were quite a few people there (more than I expected) and some funny characters to boot! There is nothing like a warm summer evening complete with music, hot dogs and good beer :) We grabbed a seat outside of a local bar that we enjoy and watched the music and the people.


People watching :)

Isn't he sweet? Always taking pictures against his will :)

My hair is a little crazy up there...I tried a new braid hairdo that was pretty messy
The cool bar we snagged seats in front of. This place definitely has some character!

Saturday - Another day of visitors! My best friends from Louisville came down for the day-I'm so glad that Ryan and I got to visit with Jess, Adam, April and Josh. We went swimming, cooked out (thanks again Ryan!), and caught up a little. It was great to share laughs with these guys like old times :) I can't believe it's been almost a month since I left Louisville...I definitely miss you all!

Being goofy is what we do best!
April, Me and Jess
Josh and April
Ryan and I :)
April and Adam

 After everyone left on Saturday Ryan and I decided to get out and run around for a while. After about 10 minutes of driving Ryan pulled up to Go USA Fun Park! Ryan wanted to play putt putt :) This little course was great and very cute. Naturally, we wagered a little on our game and naturally Ryan won! The loser had to buy dessert, so I forgot about losing after a few minutes!

We played real life Coin Dozer ;)
Isn't this place super cute?!
Isn't he super cute?! ;)
My first time at Sweet CeCe's! I am hooked!
 Sunday - After an exciting weekend, we decided to take it easy on Sunday to unwind before the week ahead. We started the day off with a new recipe--Mini homemade cinnamon rolls. They were yummy and I can't wait to make the next even yummier batch. After that we relaxed for a while and then headed down to the pond to do a little fishing! We hung out for a while and caught a glimpse of some cute ducks and some mossy turtles. Speaking of turtles, they did a number on Ryan's attempt to fish (eating his bait), so we didn't have any luck catching anything. What a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday-together!

Mini cinnamon rolls
Beautiful day!
Do you see the baby duck? It was SO cute and wabbly!
Hey buddy, you've got something on your back!
The mossy turtle again.

My view :)